Critical maintenance work on the host "Telesto"

Due to a hardware malfunction on the host "Telesto", we have to carry out urgent maintenance, in the course of which the affected hardware components will be replaced.
All services on the host are unavailable during this period.

Affected services will receive 3 days extra runtime as compensation.


Aufgrund einer Hardware-Störung am Host "Telesto" müssen wir eine dringende Wartung durchführen, in diesem Zuge werden betroffene Hardware-Komponenten getauscht.
Alle Dienste auf dem Host sind in diesem Zeitraum nicht erreichbar.

Betroffene Dienste bekommen als Entschädigung 3 Tage extra Laufzeit.

Created at 14.02.2024 21:27

Start at 15.02.2024 22:00

Finish at 15.03.2024 22:30

Affected services




Telesto (AMD)

  • Website Online
  • Translate Online
  • Online
  • Online
  • Online
Webhosting / Plesk
  • WebHost-01 Online
  • WebHost-03 Online
  • WebHost-04 Online
  • WebHost-05 Online
  • Mailhost-01 Online
  • Gameserver Interface Online
  • AMD-Games01 Online
  • AMD-Games02 Online
  • AMD-Games03 Online
Virtuelle Server
  • Tarvos (AMD) Online
  • Telesto (AMD) Online
  • Mimas (Storage) Online
  • Teamspeak-01 Online


All currently known incidents
Spontaneous server restart
Issue solved
Issue solved 15.02.2024 22:25

Maintenance has been completed. We continue to monitor the problem, but estimate that this has been resolved.

Incident found 14.02.2024 20:59

We had to restart the host spontaneously due to a problem.
All services are online again.
We are continuing to investigate the problem.

Services concerned

Telesto (AMD)

Rootserver management not working
Issue solved
Issue solved 13.02.2024 18:42

The problems have now been finally solved.

Problem will be solved 12.02.2024 10:41

Apparently there are still some accessibility problems.
We are in the process of fixing them.

Issue solved 12.02.2024 10:22

Everything is working again.

Problem will be solved 12.02.2024 09:38

The server had to be restarted unexpectedly.
All servers on the host "Telesto" are affected.
All affected customers will receive a bonus of 2 days.

Incident found 12.02.2024 09:17

The management of the root servers is currently not working, we are working on solving the problem.

Services concerned

Tarvos (AMD)

Telesto (AMD)