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Mailserver | Connect Domain

Step 1 Select your mail server in the Dashboard.

Step 2 Go to "Domains".

Step 3 Click on the plus sign.

Step 4 Copy the text from the "Content" field.

Step 5 Go to your domain, and create a new DNS entry. Name: @ Type: TXT Content: the copied text

Then save the entry.

IMPORTANT: It may take some time before the entry can be resolved. Please be patient.

Step 6 Now enter the domain name at your mail server and press Save.

Step 7 Now log in to your mail server by clicking on Log in.

Step 8 Click on "DNS" for your domain.

Step 9 Create the displayed DNS entries for your domain.

And that's it! You just added your domain to your mail server.

Dennis Beyer

Dennis Beyer

20.06.2023 20:08