Webspace | Install Nextcloud without Plesk One-Click Installer

Step 1: Download the installer

Download the latest Nextcloud installer here

Step 2: Save the installer

Upload the file to your domain storage

Step 3: Setup

Now run the file from your web browser. To do this, go to YourDomain/setup-next-cloud.php.

Step 3.1: Installation

Select the directory in which your cloud should be accessible. If you want to install the cloud directly in the base directory, enter . Otherwise the subdirectory, such as cloud Then click on "Next" The following installation may take a few moments. Just have a little patience!

Step 3.2: Setup

Now create an admin account. Enter a username and a password. After that you need a MySQL database. This we create in Plesk: Here we enter a database name. After that you have to choose your domain where you have installed your Nextloud. After that you have to find a database user name and enter it here. After that you need a password for the database. Here you can either choose one and enter it twice, or click on generate to have one created for you. With a click on "Show" the password will be displayed in the upper text field, so you can copy it. You should now enter it in the NextCloud setup wizard. After that it should look like this: Now you can select with a check mark if you want to install recommended apps for your NextCloud. This depends on whether you want to use the cloud exclusively as a data storage or also as a kind of "office" If you want to use it only as a data storage, you do not need these apps. But you can always install them afterwards. Now you can press "Finish installation". This process can take a few minutes again.


Vincent Riedel

Vincent Riedel

06.07.2022 17:01